There are non value added resellers (as I like to call them) out there that won’t care, won’t check, that just want the sale at the lowest possible cost of sale (whilst this is an important metric to keep low, it must be balanced with other factors). Staying away from such non VARs applies to any product that is important & has configuration choices. When a vendor or VAR makes negative comments about competing products (commonly called fud) that I know is not accurate or later find out once I check into their claims, that tells me that they lean towards “the sale is more important than the customer” side of the scale, increasing the likelihood of an incorrectly specced solution.

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First decide what is important to you, performance, capacity, scalability, maintenance costs, reliability, quality of suppliers etc over the required life of the storage (eg what extra workloads would be added over the next 5yrs). You will get sales people all over you saying they have a solution that will meet your needs, but there are so many options that to get the one that works best for you requires competitive analysis based on your criteria.

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