My day at the Scottish VMUG, 26 November 2016

The Scottish VMware User Group (VMUG) was held this November at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.

It was a great location, with floor to ceiling windows giving lots of natural light and just 15 minutes walk from the central train station.

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

(some) of what I learned

unmap – to free up space after storage vmotions and deletions, can be run on some storage arrays with no performance impact (check with the manufacturer how it behaves with your storage – I went back to the office and freed up 1TB of space).

There is less talk about building an internal private cloud to compete with Amazon and Azure (have a read over at Simon Wardley’s blog post ‘What’s wrong with my private cloud …‘).

There isn’t enough talk (yet) on utilising the public cloud.

– VMware VSAN is getting better and better with every release (Overview of 6.1), and has a compelling use case for ROBO deployments, and in harsh environments where solid state storage is preferable to spinning disk.

Even with RAM caching, a PernixData deployment can be made even faster by swapping out the internal SSD layer with faster storage.

IGEL has the best thin client management console I’ve seen to date.

A reminder that Latency & Throughput is what ultimately matters when it comes to storage Input / Ouput performance.

An experienced (ex) user of Puppet in the audience at one session raved about how Ansible was better (summary of differences).

The next Scottish VMUG will be in April 2016.
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