Head of emerging technologies at Brightsolid, responsible for looking at technology that is coming over the next 1-2 years. 500+ updates in the last 12 months in Azure RoCE is the platform for the future, especially for stretched cluster. Claus Joergensen is product manager for Storage spaces direct, has lots of articles on S2D. If any interest in azure stack then it is important to understand S2D.

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Presenter: Marcus Robinson (@techdiction), Technical Evangelist Introduction In the old days we had physical servers with 1 OS to 1 box, then virtualisation was invented, giving higher consolidation. There is quite a lot of waste with VMs, as each has their own RAM, disk space etc, lots of technologies have been invented to reduce this (de-duplication of storage & memory, linked clones etc). The big advantage with containers is sharing the same OS layer, all containers share the one operating system.

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The following is information on how to get SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) 2007 to generate alerts based on the windows event log. The text that appears in the description of windows event log entries is actually made up of a series of parameters. If you want to filter based on content in the Description field, first you need to determine the parameter number that relates to the text you want to find.

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