Below are steps to apply Source Code Pro to some popular code editors, and change colours to that indicated in the comparison picture.

Applying to code editors:

Whilst Consolas is built into Windows 10, Source Code Pro can be downloaded at the following site:

Windows 10 Command Prompt

In Defaults and Properties (accessed by clicking the top left icon on the command prompt window):

Set font to “Source Code Pro Semibold”. On High DPI screens such as the Microsoft Surface, font size: 20

Colours set to Screen Background (RGB): 4,33,41, Screen Text: 129, 148, 154

Visual Studio Code

File, Preferences, Color Theme: Solarized Dark

File, Preferences, User Settings: Add the following line on the right window:

“editor.fontFamily”: “‘Source Code Pro’, Consolas, ‘Courier New’, monospace”,