Scottish VMUG in Glasgow, 26th April 2018.

Agenda, Registration & Solutions Exchange

Scottish VMUG 2018, Glasgow Agenda

  • Chat with IGEL’s new Scotland & Ireland account rep on what’s going on with him & in Scotland
  • Saw Dell Wyse’s new p3040 thin client close up

Dell 3040 Thin Client

  • First of a few conversations with people working at Scottish companies who have either adopted a cloud first, or cloud only approach
  • Caught up with what’s going on with SITS Group, one of the best VMware partners in the UK especially for sub 1,000 people companies

Keynote - Cormac Hogan @CormacJHogan

VMware Storage told us of how VMware is enabling us to simplify and scale data storage.

Cormac Hogan VVol's T-Shirt

Cody Hosterman @codyhosterman

One of the best presenters on VVmware VVols flew in from the USA to let us know what they are, how they add value, how they work & how they are implemented, in a fast paced 45 minute session that is isn’t available anywhere online* (apart from this 19 second clip):

|* Less comprehensive versions available online:

Andrew Hughes

Showed off HPE Infosight, a SaaS application which collects and analyises metrics from Nimble Storage and HPE 3PAR (HPE recently acquired Nimble).

Dean Gardner

Told us all about VMware on AWS, VMware’s offering for enabling companies to grow into utilising the cloud whilst minimising the barrier to entry.


Chatting over lunch with fellow attendees including:

  • What’s new at brightsolid from @cragdoo
  • How installing Ubiquiti Networks gives you better WiFi range, parental controls & demo of controlling it all from a smartphone @cwestwater
  • Face to the name of Mr 1TB RAM ESXi hosts from the University of Edinburgh Unix team leader Martin Campbell, & winner of the best beard IMO.

Rick Cronin LinkedIn

Demo of Wavefront, interactive timeline dashboard software that was recently purchased by VMware.

Brian Gerrard @vBeeGee & Konrad Clapa @clapa_conrad

Sharing over 50 tips from past experience when using vRealize Orchestrator & Automation to automate tasks, Konrad is a double VCDX who flew all the way from Poland, with his Scottish Colleague Brian, both from AtoS.

Coffree Break

Finding out from fellow attendee’s what the market is like for VMware, AWS, Azure & Google Cloud in Scotland & how they compare to each other in the real world & experiences with meltdown / spectre patching.

Craig Darylymple @cragdoo

Picked up some tips on making REST API calls to vSphere at an obviously well prepared presentation including live demos using Powershell to create, modify and delete virtual machines, including a tour of Postman.

REST Calls tips


Drinks & Food @ Ingram Wynd

  • ~50 people in a free bar:

Glasgow Receipt

Where to get the Slide decks

Most of these are now available via the link at


Thankyou to the Scottish VMUG Leaders for organising this event, all attendees & sponsors who make it possible.

Scottish VMUG