Professionally, 2014 was a year in which technology became more complex with the number of solutions available to meet similar business requirements, principally due to the number of startup companies continuously innovating.

This required a change in approach which saw me attend VMworld in Barcelona, and seek out IT supply companies that were engineering as opposed sales led. Both were successful endeavours, especially through being able to speak to subject matter experts of all the various solutions available.

The result has been a global WAN with an exciting innovative company, and an EUC solution that opens up many opportunities for enhancing what we can provide for staff.

2015 is going to be as equally exciting, with several new initiatives & projects underway to extend and maximise the benefits of solutions implemented in 2014.

Personally, I welcomed the opportunity to travel more, the last long distance trip being to Brazil 2 years ago, and engage with people who were equally as passionate to deliver great solutions whilst being honest & transparent.

Over the year my family has been as important to me as ever, I lost over 16lbs, changed my diet to reduce sugar & paid more attention to nutrition through food & vitamins / minerals, all of which improved my energy levels (which was welcome for the long days & longer nights in Barcelona!).

My new year resolutions are to keep doing what I have been doing in 2014 but to do it more & better.

Stats__ **Weight lost/gained**: -16lbs **Countries visited for 1st time**: 2 **VMUG/VMworld attended**: 2 **Other events attended**: 2 **Flights**: 4 **Ferry**: 6 **Train**: 2 **Twitter** : 2,600 favourites, updates and retweets **Facebook**: 802 updates **Instagram**: 55 favourites, updates **Photographs**: 1,230 **Address book**: 138 new entries