Below is a list of the Visual Studio Code extensions I currently have installed, with a short summary of each - for the full details and latest summary information, click the official link under each extension.

The Extensions listed are for API’s, Azure, Cordova, Docker, Git, Kubernetes, PowerShell, Vagrant and Visual Studio Code.

Installation Script

To quickly install all these extensions, close Code then paste the following into a command line window.

  code --install-extension kumar-harsh.graphql-for-vscode
  code --install-extension
  code --install-extension bradygaster.azuretoolsforvscode
  code --install-extension ms-azuretools.vscode-azurefunctions
  code --install-extension
  code --install-extension msazurermtools.azurerm-vscode-tools
  code --install-extension VisualStudioOnlineApplicationInsights.application-insights
  code --install-extension johnpapa.Angular2
  code --install-extension
  code --install-extension
  code --install-extension vsmobile.cordova-tools
  code --install-extension abusaidm.html-snippets
  code --install-extension eg2.vscode-npm-script
  code --install-extension christian-kohler.npm-intellisense
  code --install-extension eg2.tslint
  code --install-extension PeterJausovec.vscode-docker
  code --install-extension formulahendry.docker-explorer
  code --install-extension ryu1kn.annotator
  code --install-extension codezombiech.gitignore
  code --install-extension waderyan.gitblame
  code --install-extension donjayamanne.githistory
  code --install-extension eamodio.gitlens
  code --install-extension shaharkazaz.git-merger
  code --install-extension fatihacet.gitlab-workflow
  code --install-extension lukehoban.Go
  code --install-extension ipedrazas.kubernetes-snippets
  code --install-extension brendandburns.vs-kubernetes
  code --install-extension technosophos.vscode-helm
  code --install-extension vsmobile.vscode-react-native
  code --install-extension ms-vscode.PowerShell
  code --install-extension bbenoist.vagrant
  code --install-extension bungcip.better-toml
  code --install-extension HookyQR.beautify
  code --install-extension alefragnani.Bookmarks
  code --install-extension formulahendry.code-runner
  code --install-extension dbaeumer.vscode-eslint
  code --install-extension blackmist.LinkCheckMD
  code --install-extension emilast.LogFileHighlighter
  code --install-extension mdickin.markdown-shortcuts
  code --install-extension DavidAnson.vscode-markdownlint
  code --install-extension christian-kohler.path-intellisense
  code --install-extension alefragnani.project-manager
  code --install-extension stkb.rewrap
  code --install-extension Shan.code-settings-sync
  code --install-extension robertohuertasm.vscode-icons

API’s (REST, GraphQL)

GraphQL for VS Code

Graph QL for VS Code by Kumar Harsh

VSCode extension for GraphQL schema authoring & consumption.


  • Go to Definition: Just F12 or Ctrl+Click on any graphql type, and you’ll jump right to it’s definition.

  • Autocomplete: Uses the @playlyfe/gql library to read your whole graphql schema definitions and provide you with autocomplete support while writing & editing your .gql files.

  • Schema Validation: The plugin also validates your schema, so that you catch errors early.

  • Great Syntax Highlighting: Now, your gql files will look as beautiful as the rest of your code with an awesome syntax highlighter which works not just with your schema files, but also within your Javascript/Typescript files.

  • Linting: This plugin uses a similar method as used by the Codemirror graphql project for linting.

  • Snippets: Some commonly used snippets are provided which help while writing mutations and queries, such as defining types, interfaces and input types.

REST Client

REST Client by Huachao Mao

REST Client allows you to send HTTP request and view the response in Visual Studio Code directly.


  • Send/Cancel/Rerun HTTP request in editor and view response in a separate pane with syntax highlight
  • Send CURL command in editor and copy HTTP request as CURL command
  • Auto save and view/clear request history
  • Support MULTIPLE requests in the same file
  • View image response directly in pane
  • Save raw response and response body only to local disk
  • Customize font(size/family/weight) in response preview
  • Authentication support for:
    • Basic Auth
    • Digest Auth
    • SSL Client Certificates
  • Environments and custom/global system variables support
    • Use custom/global variables in any place of request(URL, Headers, Body)
    • Support both environment and file custom variables
    • Auto completion and hover support for both environment and file custom variables
    • Go to definition and find all references support ONLY for file custom variables
    • Provide system dynamic variables {{$guid}}, {{$randomInt min max}} and {{$timestamp}}
    • Easily create/update/delete environments and custom variables in setting file
    • Support environment switch
  • Generate code snippets for HTTP request in languages like Python, Javascript and more!
  • Remember Cookies for subsequent requests
  • Proxy support
  • Send SOAP requests, as well as snippet support to build SOAP envelope easily
  • HTTP language support
    • .http and .rest file extensions support
    • Syntax highlight (Request and Response)
    • Auto completion for method, url, header, custom/global variables, mime types and so on
    • Comments (line starts with # or //) support
    • Support json and xml body indentation, comment shortcut and auto closing brackets
    • Code snippets for operations like GET and POST


Azure Tools for Visual Studio Code

Azure Tools for Visual Studio Code by Microsoft

This extension for Visual Studio Code gives Azure developers some convenient commands for creating or accessing resources directly in the editor.


  • Azure Key Vault Creation
  • Search the Azure QuickStart Templates GitHub repository
  • Download Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template and parameter files to workspace
  • Uses the Azure Resource Manager Tools extension to simplify the template-editing experience
  • ARM template deployment to live Azure subscription
  • Login with Microsoft Account (,, etc.)
  • Login with Azure Active Directory (or “Organizational”) account
  • Create App Service Web Apps
  • Create App Service Function Apps
  • Create Storage Accounts
  • Get Storage Account connection string
  • Browse to resource in portal
  • Browse to resource group in portal
  • Support for multiple Azure subscriptions
  • Supports all Azure data centers

Azure Functions

Azure Functions by Microsoft


  • Create new project
  • Create new function from template
  • Debug function apps locally
  • View Azure Functions
  • Deploy to Azure Functions
  • Start, stop, and restart Azure Functions
  • JSON Intellisense for function.json, host.json, and proxies.json

Azure Functions Tools

Azure Functions Tools by Microsoft

This extension for Visual Studio Code includes:

  • JSON Intellisense for host.json, function.json and proxies.json
  • Snippets for JavaScript and TypeScript functions

Azure Resource Manager Tools

Azure Resource Manager Tools by Microsoft

This extension provides language support for Azure Resource Manager deployment templates and template language expressions.


  • IntelliSense
    • Template Language Expression (TLE) function names
    • Parameter references
    • Variable references
    • resourceGroup() properties
    • subscription() properties
    • Properties of references to variables that are objects
  • Signature help for TLE function parameters
  • Go To Definition for variable and parameter references
  • Peek for variable and parameter definitions
  • Find all references (Shift + F12) for variables and parameters
  • Rename all references (F2) for variables and parameters
  • Hover for parameter description
  • TLE brace matching
  • Errors for:
    • Undefined parameter references
    • Undefined variable references
    • Unrecognized TLE function names
    • reference() function usage in variable definition
    • Incorrect number of arguments in TLE functions
  • Warnings for:
    • Unused parameters
    • Unused variables

Azure Application Insights

Azure Application Insights by Microsoft

Azure Application Insights is a service that can help your team gain insights into the usage, reliability and performance of your live Node.js Express applications.

Learn about Azure Application Insights

The Application Insights extension for Visual Studio Code brings information from your production services right into your code editor to help you find and fix issues faster.


Three request metrics are available in CodeLens in Visual Studio Code. Each shows data from the last 24 hours as measured by the Application Insights resource you set up with Visual Studio Code:

  • Total Requests - Number of requests made to this route
  • Failed Request - Number of failed requests to this route
  • Average Response Times - Average response time for requests made to this route.


Angular v4 Typescript Snippets

Angular v4 Typescript Snippets by John Papa

This extension for Visual Studio Code adds snippets for Angular for TypeScript and HTML.

Auto Close Tag

Auto Close Tag by Jun Han

Automatically add HTML/XML close tag, same as Visual Studio IDE or Sublime Text does.


  • Automatically add closing tag when you type in the closing bracket of the opening tag
  • After closing tag is inserted, the cursor is between the opening and closing tag
  • Set the tag list that would not be auto closed
  • Automatically close self-closing tag
  • Support auto close tag as Sublime Text 3
  • Use Keyboard Shortcut or Command Palette to add close tag manually

Auto Rename Tag

Auto Rename Tag by Jun Han

Automatically rename paired HTML/XML tag, same as Visual Studio IDE does.


  • When you rename one HTML/XML tag, automatically rename the paired HTML/XML tag

Cordova Tools

Cordova Tools by Visual Studio Mobile Tools / Microsoft

Debug your code, find commands in the Command Palette, and use IntelliSense to browse objects, functions, and parameters in plugin APIs. This extension works with any Cordova-based project.

HTML Snippets

HTML Snippets by Mohamed Abusaid

This extension adds rich language support for the HTML Markup to VS Code, including:

  • Full HTML5 Tags
  • Colorization
  • Snippets
  • [partially implemented] Quick Info
  • description mentions if tag deprecated


npm by egamma / Microsoft

This extension supports running npm scripts defined in the package.json file and validating the installed modules against the dependencies defined in the package.json.

npm Intellisense

npm Intellisense by Christian Kohler

Visual Studio Code plugin that autocompletes npm modules in import statements.


TSLint by Microsoft

Integrates the tslint linter for the TypeScript language into VS Code.



Docker by Microsoft

The Docker extension makes it easy to build and deploy containerized applications from Visual Studio Code.

  • Automatic dockerfile and docker-compose.yml file generation
  • Syntax highlighting and hover tips for docker-compose.yml and dockerfile files
  • Snippets for dockerfile files
  • IntelliSense (completions) on image names from
  • Linting (errors and warnings) for dockerfile files
  • Command Palette (F1) integration for the most common Docker commands (e.g. Build, Push)
  • Deploy images to the cloud by running the Azure CLI in a container

Docker Explorer

Docker Explorer by Jun Han

Manage Docker Containers, Docker Images, Docker Hub and Azure Container Registry.



Annotator by Ryuichi Inagaki


  • Display the annotation view (git blame) of the current file.
  • Display the diff of a particular commit by selecting the annotation of a line.
  • From the commit diff view, you can:
  • Open the annotation view of the file just before the commit, and trace back the history.
  • Open the diff of another file in the same commit.
  • The vertical colour bar is coloured darker for older commits and lighter for more recent commits (or the other way around, depending on the colours you specified).
  • Highlight the annotations with same commit hash when hovering over them.


gitignore by CodeZombie


  • Language support for .gitignore files
  • Add local .gitignore by pulling file from the the github/gitignore repository.

Git Blame

Git Blame by Wade Anderson / Albin Jacobsson

See Git Blame information in the status bar for the currently selected line.

Git History (git log)

Git History (git log) by Don Jayamanne

View git log along with the graph and details.

View the history of a file (Git log) or the history of a line in a file (Git Blame). View a previous copy of the file. Compare a previous version with the version in the workspace or another. View commit log details for a selected commit.

Compare commits.


  • View Git History with graph and details
  • View the details of a commit, such as author name, email, date, committer name, email, date and comments.
  • View a previous copy of the file or compare it against the local workspace version or a previous version.
  • View the changes to the active line in the editor (Git Blame).
  • Configure the information displayed in the list
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to view history of a file or line
  • Compare commits/branches
  • View commit information in a treeview (snapshot of all changes)

Git Lens

Git Lens by Eric Amodio

GitLens supercharges the built-in Visual Studio Code Git capabilities. It helps you to visualize code authorship at a glance via Git blame annotations and code lens, seamlessly navigate and explore the history of a file or branch, gain valuable insights via powerful comparison commands, and so much more.

GitLens provides an unobtrusive blame annotation at the end of the current line, a status bar item showing the commit information (author and date, by default) of the current line, code lens showing the most recent commit and # of authors of the file and/or code block, and many commands for exploring commits and histories, comparing and navigating revisions, stash access, repository status, and more. GitLens is also highly customizable to meet your specific needs — find code lens intrusive or the current line blame annotation distracting — no problem, it is easy to turn them off or change how they behave.

Git Merger

Git Merger by Shahar Kazaz

Merging branches has never been easier.


  • Stash & Patch - Uncommited changes handler while merging.
  • Merge from - Merge any branch into your local branch.
  • Configure options on the git merge command (more info in the repo’s wiki).

GitLab Workflow

Git Merger by Fatih Acet

Merging branches has never been easier.


  • See pipeline status, open MR and closing issue links in status bar. Read more.
  • Automatically updates pipeline status on status bar so you don’t need to open GitLab to see your pipeline status.
  • Advanced pipeline actions allows you to view pipeline on GitLab, create new pipeline, retry or cancel current pipeline. Read more.
  • Issue and MR search including simple and advanced search. Read more.
  • View MR and closing issue on GitLab with a single click from your status bar.
  • View active file on GitLab with highlighting active line number and selected text block. Read more.
  • Compare your branch with master and view changes on GitLab. Read more.
  • Open MR of current branch on GitLab.
  • Open issues assigned to you on GitLab.
  • Open MRs assigned to you on GitLab.
  • Open pipeline on GitLab.
  • Open project on GitLab.
  • Open project new issue page to create a new issue.
  • Open project new issue page to create a new issue.
  • Set and remove your GitLab Personal Access Token. Required, see Setup section.



Go by Microsoft


This extension adds rich language support for the Go language to VS Code, including:

  • Completion Lists (using gocode)
  • Signature Help (using gogetdoc or godef+godoc)
  • Snippets
  • Quick Info (using gogetdoc or godef+godoc)
  • Goto Definition (using gogetdoc or godef+godoc)
  • Find References (using guru)
  • Find implementations (using guru)
  • References CodeLens
  • File outline (using go-outline)
  • Workspace symbol search (using go-symbols)
  • Rename (using gorename. Note: For Undo after rename to work in Windows you need to have diff tool in your path)
  • Build-on-save (using go build and go test)
  • Lint-on-save (using golint or gometalinter)
  • Format on save as well as format manually (using goreturns or goimports or gofmt)
  • Generate unit tests skeleton (using gotests)
  • Add Imports (using gopkgs)
  • Add/Remove Tags on struct fields (using gomodifytags)
  • Semantic/Syntactic error reporting as you type (using gotype-live)
  • Run Tests under the cursor, in current file, in current package, in the whole workspace (using go test)
  • Show code coverage
  • Generate method stubs for interfaces (using impl)
  • [partially implemented] Debugging (using delve)


Kubernetes Support

Kubernetes Support by Ivan Pedrazas

Code snippets of kubernetes for visual studio code.

There are snippets to quickly create pods, services, deployments,etc. As well, there are snippets to quickly add parts of the descriptor like ports, cmd and volumes


vs-kubernetes by Brendan Burns

vs-kubernetes provides a Visual Studio Code extension for interacting with Kubernetes clusters.


vscode-helm by Matt Butcher

This Visual Studio Code extension provides Kubernetes Helm chart developers with a set of tools for creating and testing charts.


  • Syntax highlighting for YAML + Helm Templates
  • Autocomplete for Helm, Sprig, and Go Tpl functions
  • Help text (on hover) for Helm, Sprig, and Go Tpl functions
  • Snippets for quickly scaffolding new charts and templates
  • Commands for…
    • Helm: Lint: Lint your chart
    • Helm: Preview Template: Open a preview window and preview how your template will render
    • Helm: Template: Run your chart through the template engine
    • Helm: DryRun: Run a helm install –dry-run –debug on a remote cluster and get the results
    • Helm: Version: Get the Helm version
    • Helm: Dependency Update: Update a chart’s dependencies.
  • Code lenses for:
    • requirements.yaml (Add and update dependencies)
  • Right-click on a chart .tgz file, and choose inspect chart to preview all configurable chart values.

React / React Native

React Native Tools

React Native Tools by Microsoft

This extension provides a development environment for React Native projects. Using this extension, you can debug your code, quickly run react-native commands from the command palette, and use IntelliSense to browse objects, functions and parameters for React Native APIs.



PowerShell by Microsoft

This extension provides rich PowerShell language support for Visual Studio Code. Now you can write and debug PowerShell scripts using the excellent IDE-like interface that Visual Studio Code provides.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code snippets
  • IntelliSense for cmdlets and more
  • Rule-based analysis provided by PowerShell Script Analyzer
  • Go to Definition of cmdlets and variables
  • Find References of cmdlets and variables
  • Document and workspace symbol discovery
  • Run selected selection of PowerShell code using F8
  • Launch online help for the symbol under the cursor using Ctrl+F1
  • Local script debugging and basic interactive console support!



Vagrant by Baptist BENOIST


  • Vagrant machine status
  • Vagrant machine management
  • Vagrantfile syntax coloring

VS Code

Better TOML

Better TOML by bungcip

Better TOML is vs code extension to support TOML file.


  • Syntax Hightlighting for .toml files
  • Syntax Validation for invalid input


Beautify by HookyQR

Beautify javascript, JSON, CSS, Sass, and HTML in Visual Studio Code.

VS Code uses js-beautify internally, but it lacks the ability to modify the style you wish to use. This extension enables running js-beautify in VS Code, AND honouring any .jsbeautifyrc file in the open file’s path tree to load your code styling. Run with F1 Beautify (to beautify a selection) or F1 Beautify file.


Bookmarks by Alessandro Fragnani

Mark lines in the editor and easily jump to them.

Now you also can quickly select these lines or the text betweem them.


  • Toggle Mark/unmark lines with bookmarks
  • Jump to Next Move the cursor forward, to the bookmark below
  • Jump to Previous Move the cursor backward, to the bookmark above
  • List List all bookmarks in the current file
  • List from All Files List all bookmarks from all files
  • Clear remove all bookmarks in the current file
  • Clear from All Files remove all bookmarks from all files
  • (Selection): Select Lines Select all lines that contains bookmarks
  • (Selection): Expand Selection to Next Expand the selected text to the next bookmark
  • (Selection): Expand Selection to Previous Expand the selected text to the previous bookmark
  • Selection): Shrink Selection Shrink the select text to the Previous/Next bookmark

Code Runner

Code Runnner by Jun Han

Run code snippet or code file for multiple languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Go, Lua, Groovy, PowerShell, BAT/CMD, BASH/SH, F# Script, C# Script, VBScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Scala, Swift, Julia, Crystal, OCaml Script, R, AppleScript, Elixir, Visual Basic .NET, Clojure, Haxe, Objective-C, Rust, Racket, AutoHotkey, AutoIt, Kotlin, Dart, Free Pascal, Haskell, Nim, D, and custom command.


ESLint by Dirk Baeumer / Microsoft

Integrates ESLint into VS Code. If you are new to ESLint check the documentation.

HTTP/s and relative link checker by Larry Franks / Microsoft

Load a Markdown file and get highlights and hovers for links that contain a country code (en-us for example.)

If you use Alt+L, it will generate a report on the links in the document, including broken links. It attempts to check broken links by trying to resolve HTTP & HTTPS links, and relative links (../folder/ by checking if the file exist on the local file system. The result of these checks are logged in an output window on the right of the editor.

Log file highlighter

Log File Highlighter by Emil Åström

A Visual Studio Code extension for adding color highlighting to log files. It is based on standard conventions for log4net log files but hopefully it’s general enough to be useful for other variations of log files as well.

The extension associates with .log files and applies coloring to the different elements in the file.

Markdown Shortcuts

Markdown Shortcuts by mdickin

Handy shortcuts for editing Markdown (.md, .markdown) files. Now with title and context menu integration!


  • Quickly toggle bullet points
  • Easily generate URLs
  • Convert tabular data to tables
  • Context and title menu integration


markdownlint by David Anson

markdownlint is a Visual Studio Code extension that includes a library of rules to encourage standards and consistency for Markdown files.

Path Intellisense

Path Intellisense by Christian Kohler

Visual Studio Code plugin that autocompletes filenames.

Project Manager

Project Manager by Alessandro Fragnani

Manage your projects right inside Visual Studio Code. Easily access and switch between them.

You can define your own Favorite projects, and auto-detect VSCode projects, Git and SVN repositories.


**Rewrap by stkb

Reformats code comments and other text to a given line length.


  • Re-wrap single & multiline comment blocks in many languages. Also configure settings per language.
  • Smart handling of contents, including java/js/xmldoc tags and code examples.
  • Can select multiple comments/paragraphs at once (even the whole document).
  • Also works with Markdown documents, LaTeX or any kind of plain text file.

Settings Sync

Settings Sync by Shan Khan


  • Use your GitHub account token and Gist.
  • Can create Anonymous Gist without using your GitHub account token.
  • Easy to Upload and Download on one click.
  • Show a summary page at the end with details about config and extensions effected.
  • Auto Download Latest Settings on Startup.
  • Auto upload Settings on file change.
  • Share the Gist with other users and let them download your settings.
  • Supports GitHub Enterprise

It Syncs

All extensions and complete User Folder that Contains

  • Settings File
  • Keybinding File
  • Launch File
  • Snippets Folder
  • VSCode Extensions Settings
  • Workspaces


vscode-icons by Roberto Huertas, Jens Hausdorf and Jimi (Dimitris) Charalampidis

Bring icons to your Visual Studio Code File Explorer.