Focus on devops, automation & hybrid cloud:

  • SDDC2556 – Customer Panel: Journey to Software Defined Datacenter
  • HBC1533 – How to Build a Hybrid Cloud - Steps to Extend Your Datacenter
  • HBC2371 – Stick a Knife in IT! Chef + vCloud Hybrid Service = A Well Done Cloud
  • SDDC1767 – SDDC at Scale with EVO: RACK Technology Preview, a VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Solution
  • HBC2577 – Hybrid Sandboxing – Create the Ultimate On and Off Premises Test/Dev Factory
  • HBC2068 – vCloud Hybrid Service Networking Technical Deep Dive
  • OPT1983 – Case Study: Implementing Operations Transformation Using vCenter Operations and vCloud Automation Center
  • EUC2321 – When Mobile Met Desktop: AirWatch and Horizon Vision and Integration Strategy
  • STO1965 – Virtual Volumes Technical Deep Dive
  • SDDC1337 – Technical Deep Dive on EVO: RAIL, the new VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance
  • STO2480 – Software Defined Storage - The VCDX Way Part II : The Empire Strikes Back

One session that really wanted to go to but won’t be able to attend due to timing is:

  • INF1601 - Taking Reporting and Command Line Automation to the Next Level with PowerCLI