Support Services Manager at Sits Group, worked there for 6 years, and is a Veeam Vanguard.

Below are tips on how to prevent issues:

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Potential Disk Issues

Running out of disk space on the backup repository. One way to avoid is to use the restore point simulator ( to calculate disk space requirements.

Potential Credentials Issues

Test they work beforehand!

Hardware failures

NAS devices, tape libraries, Network

How to mitigate?

Can utilise Veeam scale out repositories with multiple NAS devices so it will automatically fail over to other devices.

Network redundancy in the design

Slow Throughput

Is parallel processing enabled? Enabled by default on a clean install, but might not be enabled if it was upgraded from version 7.

Utilising Multi threaded network steams

or use a dedicated backup network.

Is the backup server sized correctly?

Quite common for hardware decommissioned from elsewhere to be used as a backup server but needs to be sized correctly

Best practice 1 task per CPU thread

Ensure has enough memory

Ensure that have overhead to cover less common operations

Is the backup target sufficient for the job type?

Post backup merge operations is IO intensive.

Utilise correct storage types (probably not USB for primary backup target).

We have found physical server with local disk gives the best performance. With the launch of Windows 2016, as a backup server this can increase performance substantially.

**Check the bottleneck statistics **

but don’t take this literally, but it helps to point you in the right died token.

**Log files **

Recommend to change the log file directory (via registry), as have seen issues arise with log files using up all the space on a C drive.

What can I find out from log files?

Job has hung

Job has been modified - useful to trace down why a fault has started occurring

Cool features that may not have heard about

Standalone backup validator (command line app, in the install folder).

Standalone extract utility (also in the install folder).

Veeam vCenter migration tool (Google search kb2136) - not supported by Veeam - ensure follow instructions. This can avoid triggering a full backup on the next run after moving to a different vCenter.

More than just a backup product

Veeam ONE

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Provides an overview of backup system, and has a configuration estimator to help determine resource / disk space requirements.

Veeam management pack for Microsoft System Center

Veeam Orchestrator

Can’t someone else manage it?

Speak to your a managed services provider.

Veeam has applications that allow them to effectively monitor your Veeam environment, and can also provide remote offsite storage via Veeam Cloud Connect.