These are my notes from the Cisco webinar aired in September 2016 - “New Switching Innovations: More Performance for Less Cost”, the recording is available at

Examples of digital business benefits

Adidas - Enabling customers to design shoes on a tablet and get manufactured in a matter of hours at a local store.

UPS - Route optimisation to save millions of miles from their delivery routes, every 6 seconds the route is optimised - saved 8 millions of gas per year, huge cost savings.

Starbucks - after years of growth facing shrinking customer base, added customer loyalty and square mobile point of sale, drove country back to growth.

Phillips - using intelligence to control lighting in stores.

Business Priorities for the Digital Organization

Driven by mobility, analytics & cloud:

Simplify & automate process,

Empower workforce efficiency & automation & increase retention,

Customise customer experience to drive loyalty,

IT must navigate all three to be successful.

Repercussions of the Digital Business

Far more bandwidth intensive.

Digital Business is Driving the Wireless Standards

Wireless is exceeding the capacity of the wired network, 802.11ac Wave 2 has broken the Cat5e 1GB barrier

The solution

Cisco Catalyst Multigigabit Technology We first have to understand cabling.

Estimate that there is 150 billion metres of cat 5 / cat 5e & cat 6 in the world.

Could only get numbers between 2003 to 2014 which showed 70 billion metres of cat 5/5e/6 were sold.

Did you Know?

What are the Options for Enterprise Customers

There are lots of prices out there to replace cable, the most common figure is $300 per 100 metres.

The Problem - Gigabit Bottleneck

The Solution - Cisco Multigigabit Technology

Cisco Multigigabit Ethernet - Key Benefits

Seeing a lot of connected lighting, security cameras that take advantage of PoE.

Switching Innovations - Ivor Diedricks

Multigigabit Ethernet Use Cases

Cisco Multigigabit Technology Portfolio

No vendor out there that has embraced this as much as we have.

The blue labelled ports are the multigigabit ports.

The New Catalyst 3560 Multigitabit Switches

UPOE is the 60w power standard.

Uplink types dependant on what is ordered.

3650 Mini difference is reduced physical size, so that can fit shallower cabinets.

Has all the same software capabilities of the standard 3650.

Cisco Stackwise Virtual

Catalyst 3560 Mini Series Switches

Currently limited to stacking within a wiring closest as cables limited to 3 metres.

New StackWise virtual brings ability allows you to extend the stacking to beyond the wiring closet. Distance depends on the optics, could go up to 10 kilometres. Available October 2016.Why Network Programmability Matters

Enterprise Automation Key Benefits

Programmable Automated Campus - Challenges

Programmable Automated Campus - Solutions

Your Journey to Digital Transformation