The guest WIFI cannot be connected to.

When you log onto the Cisco Wireless Lan (WLC) controller, under the mobility group status it shows a “Control Path Down”.

No other related outages are currently active, configuration changes have been not made on the WLC or to firewall rules (review if they have), and the guest WIFI has been operational previously.

WLC Control Path Down

Possible Solutions:

1) Log onto the firewall between the internal and DMZ WLC, locate the firewall active session table, search for sessions with source = the internal WLC IP Address & destination the anchor WLC IP address.

If any are active, close those specific sessions.

How to achieve this varies from firewall to firewall.

If this does not resolve, move onto the next possible solution:

2) Reboot the guest WIFI WLC, if this does not bring the mobility anchor back online, arrange for and then also reboot the internal WLC (the latter will result in the WIFI network going offline if unless you have high availability solution).